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Aspects of Wizardry

In this communication I hope to give a general overview regaurding the different aspects of wizardry and how it leads to both wholeness and individuation of the Self. 

Spiritual Developement

First, there is the Spiritual or "Ascetic" aspect of Wizardry, the ability to transcend what is considered "conventional reality" by connecting to the divine and going above and beyond Self...indeed, into a kind of "Higher Self". Their are many ways of going about this. First, there is the devotional method of prayer  (bede) and religious ritual (blo't) which is designed to unite the Wizard with a specific godhead. Prayer, or "bede" is a simple way of communicating with a God. This can be done with the eyes open or closed, usually with arms reaching out to the sky while standing up. The blo't, on the other hand, is the giving of a gift to a God or Goddess, in modern times this is usually a drink, a loaf of bread, or a trinket of some kind.
This is called by some the "Right Hand Path" (or Deosil Way) and this approach is eshewed by those who identify with the Left Hand Path because it may cause the anhilation of self as it merges with another being. This actually is not entirely true especially if the Wizard is uniting with an Being of the opposite sex. This would not lead to "anhilation" but instead it would lead to wholeness and completion. 

Second, there is the identification method of "going under the cloak" (or meditation) as well as that of magic (galdor). "Going under the cloak" or meditation is a way to explore the internal subjective realm of the Self through deep contemplation and relaxation. The act of magick, or galdor, on the other hand is the act of ascending into the internal Wode Self (in emulation rather than worship of Woden) and acting apon the world directly through arcane words and gestures. This is called by some the "Left Hand Path" or the Widdershin Walk.

To summarize, Devotional Work is designed to connect with the Fylgia where as Identification Work is designed to ascend into the Wode Self. The true Wizard will fluxuate between these two extremes which will lead to a kind of sacred marriage between the Wode Self and the Fylgia.

This corresponds with Asgard.

Intellectual Developement

The overall ability to memorize, synthesize, and analyze information is also another important facet in the developement of the Wizard. The main Tool for this is the Lore, which must be memorized, synthesized, analyzed and of course tried. The different aspects of Lore are A) Literature, B)Language, C)Runology, D)Indo European or General Studies. 

All of these things are extremely important in understanding the theory and practice of Wizardry. The reason why is because the very structure of Wizardry is based on the World Tree and the Runes. In order to Understand the World Tree and the Runes one must study the Myths because the mythic events and the beings partaking in them live within the very structure of the World Tree as well as the Rune Realms. The Scandinavian Sagas and Folklore also contain historical examples as well as operative procedures of the practice of Wizardry itself. 

The reason why language is important is because the Eddas and the Sagas are written in Old Icelandic. If one knows Old Icelandic then the overall meanings of the myths can be deciphered and understood as a "psychocosmology" ie events that occur within the collective and personal Germanic Soul or Self instead of just taking it absolutely literally which is actually an extremely limited way of reading the myths. Just as Woden explores the Nine Worlds of the World Tree, he also creates Mankind from Trees, thus the Nine Worlds are within...along with the mythic events that take place within them. 

It goes without saying that scientific runology, or the examination of rune staves that are carved on found objects, large stones, and written on paper should be the foundation of rune work. By doing this, one can build a strong and sturdy skeleton which can then be fleshed out with esoteric work later on. If the skeleton is weak and lacks a spine, then esoteric work will be built apon a weak structure that will easily collapse. 

Indo European Studies is also very important because the Northern Wizard is not a monolith by any stretch. In fact, some of the Rune Staves can be traced back to the Pheonician writing system and a good deal of them were inherited from the Italic (which was inherited from the Greek) writing system. There is a definite relationship between the "symbol systems" utilized by the Celts, Greeks, and Germanic people and this should not be ignored. Their myths and overall culture also has many correlations and can ultimately be traced back to the steppes of Northern Russia, the origin of the Proto-Indo Europeans.

The intellectual vigor that is needed to examine these facets of Lore can be applied to virtually every aspect of life and will definitely sharpen thinking and memorizing skills. Critical thinking skills can be carried with you anywhere and is worth more than all of the gold in the world.

This corresponds with Light Elf Home.

Physical Developement

The physical aspects of Wizardry cannot be denied. This is most obviously seen in the use of the physical body in Rune Work, ie the use of Stada (Body Postures), Hond (Hand Symbols), the act of singing (which utilizes the rib cage, vocal cords, tongue, lips, and lungs), as well as the necessary hand and eye coordination that is used to carve or write runic symbols. In the practice of Stav, a modern martial art based on the shapes of the Runes, a general structure which contains all of the patterns of the Runes acts as a general guide to footwork and the execution of various techniques. The langseax, seax, and qaurterstaff are common ritual tools in the practice of Wizardry and you get bet that he anceint Wizards knew how to use them and did martial arts as a way to stay fit as well as be prepared for battle. Daily rune work also enhances ones overall physical health because it has a balancing effect. 

This corresponds with Middle Earth.

Creative Developement

The creative aspect of Rune Work comes from the ability to form images in ones head as well as tap into creative passions. One has to be able to visualize and picture what ones wand will look like before they carve it. The same could be said of taufr as well as ones seax. Craftsmanship is very important in the practice of Wizardry. There is also the cultivation of the minds eye as well as accessing the "inner ear" "inner nose" "inner tongue" and "inner feeling". For an example, when you are feeling and visualizing the centers and pathways in your Lyke you are utilizing the powers latent in the Creative Center. When you visualize a Rune Stav and "hear" the sound of this stav in the realm of the inner ear and then merge it with a corresponding hyde (for an example, a working using tiwaz/sowilo/raidho as a bind rune would be best sent through the imaging of an eagle-hyde) for the purpose of a Sending you are also utilizing the power of the Creative Center. The use of this center in magick falls under the realm of seidh or dweomer or "soul manipulation". It is considered soul manipulation because the soul or self of the person is made to feel, smell, taste, hear, or even see something that does not really exist...it is a projected and sorcerous illusion. These same imaging techniques are used in the practice of hamrara (shapeshifting), 
hamfara (otherworld travel), utiseta (sitting out), and spae (soothsaying). This is is why *dwarves* are so important in the practice of seidh (hence Freya sleeping with 4 Dwarves)...they lend their powers of imaging / shaping / crafting which is so important in the practice of witchcraft. The vardhlokkur (spirit binding) attracts and binds these type of elves to the bidding of the seidhkonur. Thus the "warlock" (spirit binder) is a kind of germanic version of a goetic daemon summoner. 

This corresponds with Dark Elf Home.

Instinctual Developement

The Instinctual Center is crucial in the developement of the Wizard. It is in this center that one participates in Shadow Work, the exploration of the taboo, rejected, and disturbing aspects of the psyche. The primal self at this level is explored so that influences hidden from the Conscious Mind can be explored and that the very bottom of ones Soul can be explored. 

Things such as Greed, Lust, Hunger, and other survival functions are explored and mastered...both controlled and utilized in positive ways. As one goes deeper and deeper, things such as past lives and deep genetic memories can also be explored...the ancestral streams and primal realms are accessed directly.  

This is also the serpentine realm of raw, libidinous energy, and it is in this center that the sexual function is explored, utilized, and mastered. Raw libidinous energy is stored in this realm and then channeled upward to increase the creative, physical, intellectual, and spiritual centers. However, Shadow Work must proceed this because the release of this draconian energy will increase what you already are. Failure to work with and master the Shadow elements of the Self will cause one to fall into the hands of Loki and his Children if this serpentine energy is released too soon. 

This corresponds with Hel.

Fire and Ice

Finding a balance between Fire and Ice is of upmost importants if one is to develope ones Geist, Wit, Lyke, Kraft, and Soul in a balanced way. If one is too hot and energetic, then one will be burned out...if one is too cold and static, then one will fall into laziness and procrastination. The key is to be warm and glow steadily so that one can carry out their work eternally and not fall into mania or meloncholy. 

This corresponds with Muspel Home and Neifl Home.

Hard and Soft

Another aspect of balance is finding a balance between hard and soft, or the Entish and Wanic parts of the Self. If one is too soft then they will be too impressionable, falling into every trend and falling into conformism and becoming too sensitive. If one is too hard then they will be too rigid, resisting even positive changes and becoming too callous and unfeeling. The key is too become flexible..bendable yet firm at the same time. 

This corresponds with Wane Home and Ent Home.

Overall Balance is the Key

Balance is important because it will help you find this center. Being in your center is the most important thing that a Wizard can do. However, this is not easily done and in order to become Wise enough to find the center one must be a Fool and fall into the folly of extremes. Only when the extremes are explored can one return to Middle Earth. Soar into the realm of the Geist only to plunge into the pit of the Soul, Contemplate in the Ivory Towers of Wit only to plunge into the underground world of the Arts and Crafts. Explore the pleasurable and lush realms and then treck into the hostile and barren places of iron and stone. Go entirely into the World and then renounce it as you plunge inward into the Self. Eventually you will find your way Home.



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