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                                                                                 Consciousness/Life/Defense as a Starting Point for Political Philosophy
                                                                                                 by Michael Rayborn

If one is to create a political philosophy of any kind we must have a starting point and begin with the "big picture". Political philosophy is a humanity and thus we must first look at the two things which comprises our very humanity: Life and Consciousness and of course the very defense and preservation of these two things. The human being possesses a living body and contained within it is a celebral cortex which is the very source of  Consciousness. A society contains a collection of physical bodies which in turn contains (to a greater or lesser degree) Consciousness.

Thus it would seem obvious that any effective political ideology would aim to 1. Expand Consciousness, 2. Improve the Qaulity of Life and 3. Defend Life and Consciousness.

The expansion of Consciousness is acheived through Education and good starting points for this endeaver would be the exploration of Psychological and Physiological reality, ie the Humanities and the Sciences. The goal should NOT be indoctrination into a set beleif system but instead should be techniques for cultivating perception so that the Psychological and Physiological can be explored in an unhindered manner, the the starting point would be Epistimology (the scientific method) and Cognitive Psychology (an objective approach to a subjective reality). This is explained through mathamatics (the language of science) and words (the language of the psyche). Thus any political ideology which promotes freedom of thought and speech should be commended as the unhindered flow of ideas through communication can and will lead to the expansion of Consciousness and a deepened Understanding of psychological and physiological reality. Any political ideology which hinders thought or speech in any way should be combated in a Conscious and Constructive manner, ie one should fight Ignorance with Wisdom.

This of course leads us to the question of Life.  Obviously, we are made up of living tissue and we are also sustained by it as well. The earth is a vast ecosystem which sustains us. Life evolves over time as a way to survive in an often hostile environment. Because we partake in a vast ecosystem anything we do will effect the environment as well as everything that lives within it. The things we do on a daily basis has a local, national, and global impact and will ultimately effect the person who performed the action in the first place. Every raindrop, -no matter how small- contributes to the flood that destroys the village, much in the same manner that every person who uses fossil fuel has in a small way effected the ozone layer. Its deterioration is a product of billions of people and cannot be traced to a single source of blame. We are all responsible. The most Conscious approach that we can take is to improve the Qaulity of Life by focusing on ecological problems. Other things that should be taken into consideration is the question of Human Rights and Animal Rights, but from the perspective of the overall big picture. If someone is wrongly descriminated against this may cause this person to become unhappy and may also effect his or her behavior patterns. The behavior patterns may be negative. If the person goes home and reflects a bad mood to their loved ones, this will also make these people unhappy. They then go to their jobs in a bad mood and begin to effect their environment in a negative way. This has the potential to cause a chain of negative effects which will effect the social infrastructure on a local, national, and global level and thus the qaulity of life becomes deteriorated, not just for the people who were unfairly discriminated against but also for the people who descriminated in the first place! This is why Human Rights is important. On a pragmatic level the question of Life also includes food production technologies which must be developed in a manner that is both Conscious and Constructive.

We then must approach the very delicate matter of Defending both Life and Consciousness. On the local and national levels people defend their physical and psychological well being in a number of ways. The most obvious forms of this is through self defense and national defense, which of course gave birth to the martial arts and the military. The use of violence is an unfortunate but totally unavoidable measure and should only be used to defend ones psychological and physical well being and this should be a last resort if the offending party cannot be pacified with reason and wisdom. In the reality of the world that we live in there are many who are under the clutches of ignorance, hatred and greed and thus the developement of Defense is a necessary measure against the offenders of Life and Consciousness. Unfortunately, Defense is often exploited in the name of ignorance, hatred, and greed.

Thus we have three starting points: Life, Consciousness, and the Defense of Life and Consciousness. The question of these three things has lead to the tripartite developement of civilization as we know it: 1.  A thinking body or the Government and Schooling (=Consciousness) 2. The Military (Defense) and 3. Production / Trades / ect. (=Life). This also gave birth to a wide variety of political ideologies which discuss the problems of these things, often focusing on one at the expense of the other two. The most logical approach, however, would be to create balance and develope all three and with the sole aim of Expanding Consciousness and Preserving Life.

One thing that cannot be seperated from political philosophy is the question of virtue. What kinds of virtues would the members of society have in order to coexist with each other? Using the model of Consciousness/Defense/Life three highly important ones come to mind: Wisdom, Courage, and Generosity. The exploration of the psychological and physiological combined with experience developes Wisdom. One would need Courage in order to Defend both Life and Consciousness. Life can only be sustained through interaction and exchange, thus Generosity comes into play.

The opposite of virtue is defilement. Based on the three-fold model of Life/Defense/Consciousness, what are the three things that appose these important things? The opposite of Consciousness is Ignorance. That which distrupts interaction and exchange is Greed. If Defense is not used to protect Life and Consciousness then it has devolved into bullydom which is a product of Hatred, because only pure spite could be the motivation behind attacking someone without reason or cause. Greed could be a reason for this, but even Greed is a product of Hate due to its antisocial nature. These three defilements have an extremely destuctive effect on a personal, local, national, and global level...their effects are most obvious when we observe the behaviors of self aggrandizing politicians and dangerous religious fanatics. First and foremost we must combat these things with Wisdom and Inspiration.

There are two models for the developement of Life/Defense/Consciousness, the Mechanistic Model and the Organic Model. The Mechanistic Model is often the basis of an entire Nation which divides people into specific catagories: the "thinking people", the "defenders" and the "producers".  It is admittedly effective for sustaining a Nation, however from my perspective it seems to cut people off from their own innate wholeness and transforms them into cogs that feed a Machine. I prefer the Organic, grass roots Model. This is where a small group of people forms a collective and cross trains in a manner that allows each person to be their own thinker/defender/producer which of course leads to the holistic developement of the intellectual, physical, and creative facaulties of the Self and creates a league of realized and empowered individuals who can unite to cause positive transformation on a local, national, and global level through direct action via their celebral, physical, and creative talents. Some may call the Mechanistic Model "fascism" and others may call the Organic Model "anarchism" and of course most social stratums will probably fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.
If one watches The Matrix the whole of humanity is jacked into "the matrix" where as the few have found a way to seperate from it and become virtual "supermen". The theme of the movie is not the arguement of which is better but on the matter of *choice*, thus I will leave it up to the readers to choose between the Mechanistic or Organic Model. Of course the Mechanistic and Organic Models cannot be thought of as true opposites. The true opposite of these things would be Nihilism which is the beleif that any action or developement is pointless and that we live in a meaningless universe. Thus it could be thought that the Mechanistic and Organic Models are 45 degrees from each other rather than true opposites.

Through this Three-Fold Paradigm it is hoped that this can be an effective lense through which political idealogies can be examined for what they really are and that one can develope a more rational and experiential approach to these matters rather than blindly following the ideologies espoused by ones parents, professors, the media, or political representatives. In my humble opinion one should be open minded yet critical of any information they are presented with.




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