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widugeist's Journal

Beware of the Wyrms and Wargs that roam the Forest Deep

6 November 1978
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My name is Widugeist which means "Spirit of the Forest". The purpose of this journal is to discuss exoteric and esoteric concepts as they relate to The Elder Troth and the Wodean Path. I like to call myself a "Wizard" for many reasons. For starters, the word Wizard is a Modern English word derived from the Old English word "witega" and the Old Norse word "vitki", both of which means "wise" or "witty". Witega / Vitki were the titles used by those who practiced Northern Mysticism & Magic in Pre-Christian Northern Europe. I use the word Wizard because I am a modern practitioner of Northern Mysticism and Magic. Another reason why I choose the word Wizard is because of its relation to the words wit and wise. I hold Intellect and Wisdom above all other things. This does not mean that I wish to portray myself as being smarter or wiser than anyone else as there are many who are smarter and wiser than me. However, I do seek to increase my knowledge through study and my wisdom through experience and it is for this reason that I call myself a Wizard...because that is what I am...one who seeks to study and experience the Self and the World.

I study and practice The Elder Troth, which happens to be the religion of my Northern European ancestors. The Elder Troth encompasses many different things, these include Polytheism (beleif in many gods), Animism (beleif that nature is alive with spirits), Totemism (a reverence of animals as being connected to the Gods).

In the Elder Troth the two main types of divine beings that were worshipped were the Aesir and the Vanir. The Aesir embody "human" and "psychecentric" (=Consciousness) things such as Philosophy, Justice, and Warfare. The Vanir embody the sensual, fertile and organic (=Life).

Our Ancestors also worshipped Lesser divinities that dwelled in the clouds, bodies of water, land, underground caverns, mountains, and every aspect of nature. A short (and hardly comprehensive) list of these entities would be the Elves, Dwarves, Neckans, Trolls, and Giants...these forces embody the animistic aspects of the Elder Troth.

Then there is the totemistic aspect of the Elder Troth, the beleif that all things crawling are somehow connected to and express certain powers related to the Gods. Snakes, Wolves, Horses, Ravens, and Eagles are sacred to Woden. The Cat, Falcon and Boar are sacred to Freya. Goats are sacred to Thor. Rams are sacred to Heimdall. The powers of these animals can be invoked through totemic magics to increase the power of the individual and the tribe.

There are many paths within the Elder Troth and through the Norns decree (Wyrd, or "Fate") one is given a place within the World Tree or Cosmic Reality (The Totality of World and Self) to fullfill their Wyrd or destiny. It is through the study and experience of the Self and the World that one is able to uncover and eventually discover their Wyrd.

The Path that the Norns have chosen for me is known as the Wodean Path. A Wodean is someone who seeks to be in the likeness of Woden. What does it mean to be like Woden? In order to convey this accurately, I must explain some basic theological concepts. It is said that Woden explores the Nine Worlds of the World Tree and that he created Mankind from Trees. This implies that the Nine Worlds are not only within the "Big Tree" (Yggdrasil, or the World Tree), but that the Nine Worlds exist within the "little tree" or the Self or Soul. Therefore, the Nine Worlds are actually Nine aspects of the Self. This is why the Valknot (Knot of the Slain) is the symbol of the Wodean Path...it symbolizes the Nine Worlds and the Soul. Therefore, to study and experience the Self in its entirity (thus growing in intellect and wisdom) is to be in the likeness of Woden. Woden was also hung on the World Tree and through this initiatory (if unpleasent) experience he won the Runes. The word Rune means Mystery, and because he hung on the World Tree (symbol of Self and World in its totality) he essentially came apon the Mysteries of the Self and the World, RUNA herSelf.

This takes me to why I call myself Widugeist. The word Widu means "Forest or Woodland".

The etymology of the word as so:

"O.E. wudu, earlier widu "tree, trees collectively[forest], the substance of which trees are made," from P.Gmc. *widuz (cf. O.N. viðr, Dan., Swed. ved "tree, wood," O.H.G. witu "wood"), perhaps from PIE *widhu- "tree, wood" ~www.etymonline.com

A Forest is essentially a cosmology in and of itself. First, a forest is filled with trees. Collectively, each tree is a symbolic expression of THE Tree known as Yggdrasil. A Forest is also filled with animals and the Eddas (mythical scriptures of the Northlands) they describe an Eagle who sits atop of the World Tree, a Serpent who gnaws the Roots, and a Squirrel who delivers taunts between them. There are also four Harts who gnaw apon the limbs and many other beasts are mentioned as well (Swans, Roosters, ect.). This very setting is very descriptive of a Forest.

The word Geist means "Ghost". Here is the etymology of Geist or Ghost:

"O.E. gast "soul, spirit, life, breath," from P.Gmc. *ghoizdoz (cf. O.S. gest, O.Fris. jest, M.Du. gheest, Ger. Geist "spirit, ghost"), from PIE base *ghois- "to be excited, frightened" (cf. Skt. hedah "wrath;" Avestan zaesha- "horrible, frightful;" Goth. usgaisjan, O.E. gæstan "to frighten")" ~www.etymologyonline.com

Geist of course has many complex implications, the ones most important to me is that it means "breath and spirit" and secondly it is associated with excitement, fear, and for a lack of a better word "creepiness". The breath, wind, or air is essential to the life of a forest. The Trees and other forms of plantlife inhale Carbon Dioxide and exhale Oxygen and the animal life inhales Oxygen and breaths out Carbon Dioxide. Thus there is a symbiotic relationship between plant and animal life. This means that breath or spirit is also *all pervasive*, it flows through and animates all things. All things fit together into a greater whole and are sustained by an all pervasive spirit wind. However, through the Wodean Path one is able to look inward and become a complete system unto themselves and can eventually become an independent entity. This state of being is call wih-hailigaz or "set apart/sacred and made whole/holy". When this happens, the Wodean no longer "fits in" with the External World and the outside world will look apon the Wodean with awe and fear. Some may report that there is something "eerie", "creepy", or "weird"(linquistically related to wyrd!) about the Wodean without really being able to pinpoint why this is the case. Such a person can describe this person as possessing "geist" and many Wodeans after years of work often do become wild haired and bale eyed...much like the "mad scientist" stereotype of pop culture. This is usually as a result of "being in the woods" and distancing oneself from the conventional social matrix. By doing this one is able to study and experience the Self and the World for what it really is instead of what the Wodean was raised to believe. He is able to make up his own mind in regaurds to the nature of Reality. The true nature of Reality is often at odds with what most people believe and those who possess this mysterious knowledge and wisdom are set apart from the whole.